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Home Prices

  • 469489.11,470916.84,474800.08,476011.25,476552.10,494878.56,496489.64,515224.42,526966.88,512259.18,522029.44,532947.24
  • 380777.53,426330.23,416766.04,398402.78,411538.09,390511.32,438491.36,469222.06,411314.41,409844.45,407055.01,412401.17
  • 379900.00,379450.00,375000.00,379900.00,379900.00,399000.00,399472.00,400000.00,409900.00,399900.00,405950.00,409439.00
  • 318197.50,332000.00,349900.00,348400.00,349450.00,340900.00,369000.00,367900.00,353325.00,346250.00,349950.00,335000.00

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Sold Prices

  • 337360.45,353692.58,359499.92,352723.83,376689.31,358197.53,362768.65,365649.79,378109.23,390513.72,386305.12,379304.15
  • 332731.24,346966.34,353948.28,345781.72,368816.42,352162.77,356536.23,358549.27,371440.94,383606.13,381361.48,382266.65
  • 306200.00,320000.00,319897.00,318000.00,324900.00,318888.00,303264.00,319900.00,335900.00,334950.00,335000.00,338909.00
  • 303950.00,319000.00,316373.00,316000.00,320000.00,310000.00,304400.00,317500.00,330000.00,333396.50,330500.00,334750.00

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Excellence and Experience


Suzy Appel has over 20 years of real estate experience in Southern Utah. She knows every aspect of the home buying process. She has designed, bought, sold, built and decorated homes all across the county. There is nobody more qualified to be your representative as a real estate agent.

With more than two decades of experience, Suzy has built long-lasting relationships with many of the most prominent and well-known builders in the area. She specializes in new construction homes and is currently working on two wonderful new subdivisions in Ivins at and

Needless to say, when you choose Suzy as your real estate agent, you choose professionalism, experience and excellence.


We Need Your Homes!

The current upward trend in real estate has resulted in a surplus of buyers and a shortage of homes. We currently have qualified buyers looking for homes, but there aren't enough homes on the market! List yours with us today and we'll get it sold immediately.